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About Us

The Friends of Haʻikū Stairs (FHS) is a group of volunteers who believe in protecting historic Haiku Stairs and its environment for current and future generations.

FHS is governed by a board of directors representing hiking organizations, conservation organizations, and community groups interested in the history, ecology, cultural integrity, and recreational opportunities in Haʻikū Valley. FHS carries out its mission in cooperation with governmental agencies having responsibilities relating to Haʻikū Stairs. This mission is funded by public contributions, grants, educational programs and materials, and sale of products associated with the Stairs.

The stairs are closed and illegal to access, no matter how you access them. We do not provide information that will aid people in breaking the law. All of the photos on our page were taken on official work days. People who are chosen for the workdays are those with special skills such as botany or engineering. People who dedicate time to things like taking meeting minutes, pro-bono legal work, and bookkeeping are the first ones to fill the non-skilled workday jobs such as trash clean up and invasive species eradication. If you would like to join us for a workday, please let us know what non-workday work you can contribute. You’ll be glad you did!




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Board of Directors

Board of Directors Executive Committee Vernon Ansdell, M.D. President   Jill Byus Radke Vice President   William Ridgway Treasurer   Board Members Gary Bloom Bruce Chirieleison Aaron Erickson Carol Fontanive L.C. Morris Holly Sevier Jay Silberman James Simmons     John Flanigan Emeritus   John Goody Emeritus

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Please sign up for updates by clicking on the link below.   Link not working?  Simply copy and past the web address above into your browser’s address bar.

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Contact Us

THE FRIENDS OF HAIKU STAIRS P.O. Box 4715 Kaneohe, HI 96744

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